Sunday, March 15, 2020

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7 Sycamore Closed

With recent news regarding the COVID-19 virus and the emphasis on “social distancing” as a mitigating strategy, the City of Ottawa under the Guidance of Ottawa Public Health has asked all programming be cancelled in community buildings such as ours (7 Sycamore) until Sunday April 5. The closure may be extended (or reduced) as further news or recommendations from the City of Ottawa are announced.

We’ve also received feedback from families and groups who decided to take similar actions on their own as members have opted to back out of participating in private and public events while the COVID-19 virus is active in our community.

The aim of social distancing is to reduce the spread of the virus, especially to vulnerable populations such as the elderly and those with weakened immune systems and to “flatten the curve”. Obviously, we feel anything we can all do over the next 3 weeks will be good for Lynwood Village and Ottawa. You can get up to date information from Ottawa Public Health

Our apologies to anyone we were not able to reach in advance of this announcement who has booked the building for their event. You will be contacted with regard to reimbursement for booking fees.

LVCA Board of Directors.

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