Friday, September 18, 2020

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Join Your Board of Directors!

While we haven't set a date for the Annual General Meeting (near the end of Oct), we will be running an election this year. You can get more information about the structure of the AGM, how the election is conducted, or the Board, by reading the Bylaws.

More info & reports will be delivered at the AGM but  here's a few points to consider...

- Thank you to our Treasurer Alisha who is moving on! She is looking to fill someone in on what is needed to replace her. 
- Covid-19 has affected the number of events people have had in the building, and our revenue, but we are still financially sound.
- Updated our website and social media accounts.
- We replaced our snow blower this past year.
- Held a pancake breakfast & outdoor yoga.
- We've discussed increasing the size of the Board from five members to seven.
- Our Councillor connection has past year.

- Skills, interests or experience we've talked about looking for include...
  • Communications, Social Media
  • Creating an Annual Budget (Excel)
  • Governance / Long Term Planning
  • Volunteer Management
  • Graphic Design, Photography
  • Booking & Managing Events
  • Marketing, Fundraising, Sponsorship, Grants
  • Secretary, Minutes
- Meeting at least 6 times a year, time commitment of would be about 5-8 hours a month.

Feel free to ask us questions if you would like more info on an area or if you're interested in joining us...and keep an eye out for our AGM announcement or sign up for our newsletter to get advance notice!

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