Welcome Villagers! LVCA is currently looking for residents to join our committees and Board!


Keep in mind we update this page when significant policy changes happen AND we will be interpreting City of Ottawa directives/rules to keep our community volunteers safe.

With the announcement that shimmy/pickup hockey will be allowed starting Tuesday, Feb 16 we will be adopting a new schedule incorporating Skating Only/Hockey Allowed hours. We're aiming to have 2 hours of Skating Only time each weekday and 4 hours each Sat/Sun. We'll have nets out on Tuesday. Please respect the schedule for everyone's useage. The building will still not be open for bathroom or rentals.

IMPORTANT: For those wishing to play hockey or other "team sport", City of Ottawa Public Health has established the following rules...
“....the requirement to wear masks within 15 meters of the rink, a maximum of 25 skaters permitted on boarded rinks, a maximum of 12 skaters on puddle rinks and the requirement to maintain a 2 meter physical distance between those residing in different households.”
Outside of the hours posted, flooding or other rink maintenance may be conducted which will restrict usage. We will place signage up to indicate if the rink is closed, please respect that as skating on "soft ice" will result in a bad surface for everyone.

If you wish to join the schedule or share your thoughts, please get in touch!

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