Get Involved!

Use our Contact page or speak to any Board Member if you are interested in any position, department or volunteering in general.

Winter Positions

Ice Makers create our classic winter surface on two areas - the hockey rink and "the puddle" which is the term the City of Ottawa has adopted for the smaller kids rink.
Ice Attendants supervise the rinks on a schedule established by the Board.

Joining the Board of Directors

Members of the Board are elected at the AGM for one year terms. They commit to at least 5 hours of Board work per month to achieve the goals of the Board. The President is chosen from that pool of elected Board members by the Board. You don't have to be a member of the Board to participate in Board activities; you can be a Committee Member and assist Board Members in their activities. Board Members are free to suggest committees to help them with their work. Any openings that exist on the Board can be filled by the Board until the next AGM.

Becoming a Committee Member

We are currently looking for volunteers to join our Finance Committee. Some Committees are "ad-hoc", which means they are temporary and members work on a specific issue until it is resolved, and some are "standing", or continual committees. Joining a Committee is a good way to learn if you want to become a Board member or if you have some specific skills or experience you wish to offer to resolve or give input on an issue which you care about or can help with.

Summer Positions

We'll be promoting opportunities in Spring 2022...check back later or keep an eye on our Social Media for our schedule of spring/summer events.