The Community

Built mostly in the early 60s, Lynwood Village is a neighbourhood in Bells Corners, on the west side of Ottawa.

The Organization

The Lynwood Village Community Association (LVCA) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led group of local residents, who are eager to make a difference in our community. Like most Community Associations in Ottawa, our organization is an unincorporated association and we encourage you to review the material found on the link to understand what that means in Ontario. 

The LVCA provides affordable and accessible recreational programming for all age groups such as the Lynwood Park Ice Rink, a children's program (Coffee and Company), and adult & senior fitness.

We partner with groups to facilitate the provision of a variety of services that enhance the overall quality of life for community residents and have been a member of the Federation of Citizen's Association of Ottawa since December 2020.

The LVCA hosts special events such as a Summer Fun Fair, our Hockey Day in Canada/Winter Family Day Games and coordinates and administers the booking of the Lynwood community building located at 7 Sycamore Drive.

Board of Directors