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Saturday, January 16, 2021

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Snow Removal & Flooding

Will be removing snow from the rink & kids puddle starting at 10:30am Saturday, packing removed snow around boards and creating wall around the kids puddle, in preparation for flooding to start on Sunday afternoon at 4pm as the temparature cools down. 

Looks like temps will stay cooler for the next 2 weeks so if we can get a few people flooding a few times a day we could be up by next Saturday (or earlier). 

Email contact@lynwoodvillageottawa.ca to be put on the Rink Help list! 

Thanks, Grant.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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Minutes - Board Meeting #9 - Nov 15 2020

Below you will find links to the associated documents as approved by the LVCA Board of Directors. Comments can be directed to contact@lynwoodvillageottawa.ca.

Grant Stein
LVCA Communications Director

Friday, November 20, 2020

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The Great Lynwood Ice Master & Rink Attendants Search Begins!

2020 may be remembered for all the wrong reasons, but getting outdoors can shake off the Covid-19 Blues!  We're digging out the shovels, the snowblower we purchased last winter, and the Ottawa Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services Department has put up the boards.

To  make the rink happen, we're looking for an Ice Master (or two) and Rink Attendants (six or more). 

We receive funding for this project from the City so we want to offer an honorarium for all positions to thank you for committing to this project.

And you can read additional information here...

Thursday, November 19, 2020

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Wednesday Socials' Virtual Seasonal Activities

Dec 2 - Share your favorite works on knitting, sewing & embroidery - send pictures ahead if you like.

Dec 9 - Wreath & crafts with pine or spruce cones - cones available for drop-off. [Note: prepare your cones & supplies for craft day - have a glue gun & other material ready]

Sign up with Susan for Zoom log-in: s.kuruvilla@pqchc.com or 613-295-3721