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Building Rental

The Lynwood Community Building, 7 Sycamore Drive,
Ottawa, K2H 6H9 (Indoor photos below)

Thanks for considering our building for your event. While we keep rates low, any surplus the LVCA makes from rentals goes right back into our programming - for example, in Dec 2019 we replaced our aging snowblower! Below you will find all the info you should need, and contact info should you have any questions.

Facility Includes

  • 7-8 folding rectangular tables,
  • 30-35 chairs,
  • Full kitchen with fridge, stove, sink, and microwave. You are required to remove all food and garbage after your event,
  • No cutlery, plates or other cooking supplies are on site, if required please bring your own,
  • Cleaning supplies (under sink),
  • Wheelchair/walker ramp and automatic doors,
  • Bathrooms,
  • Air conditioning and heating,
  • Chilled water fountain / water bottle filler.

All Renters Must Agree to the Following

  • Rooms must be returned to the same state they were in when you arrived,
  • Floors swept and mop as needed. Cleaning supplies are located on site,
  • All garbage removed from premises after event. There is no garbage pick up on site. If any garbage is left over and the city is required to remove, the fees for that service will be passed on to you,
  • We can't stress the importance of cleaning up after yourself enough. The building is rented regularly and it must be spotless for everyone's event. This is also how we keep the cost low.
  • We have regular renters who store their own equipment on site. Please be mindful of those items and not use them. The only equipment available for use by renters are the tables, chairs, kitchen stove, and fridge.
  • All lights must be turned off, 
  • All doors secured and locked upon exit, 
  • Keys returned to the same spot as pick up. Do not pass on the key to another renter. 

Rate & Fees (as of Feb 15, 2020)

The rate to rent the main floor of the Lynwood Community Building is $20/hr, plus City of Ottawa liability insurance fee. The outdoor space (i.e. soccer fields) is rented out by the City of Ottawa. For rental inquiry of any outdoor space please contact the City of Ottawa. The City of Ottawa liability insurance fee varies depending on type of event, number of attendees, and if alcohol is involved. Below are some of the liability insurance fees for events commonly held at Lynwood:
  • Children's birthday party: $2.16/hr
  • Events without alcohol: $25 (1-25 participants)/ $54 (26-100 participants),
  • Events with alcohol: $65 (1-25 participants) / $135 (26-100 participants),
  • Family showers, family christening, family dinner without alcohol: $27 (1-100 participants),
  • Family showers, family christening, family dinner with alcohol: $54 (1-100 participants),
Please note that rates and fees may change without notice. The total cost of the rental will be confirmed at time of booking.

For all events with alcohol, whether it is served or sold, a Special Occasion Permit is required. It can be obtained through LCBO or visit the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario for more details.


Check out our calendar below to see what dates & times available.

Information Required to Make a Booking

1.  Date of event  - *check out our calendar below for what's available,
2.  Type of event. Is it a kid's birthday party? Baby shower? Stag & Doe?
3.  Start and end time. Please keep in mind the rental time includes any set up and **clean up time required. Our rental price is low as renters clean and remove their own garbage. See above for cleaning details.
4.  Number of attendees - all children and adults who enter the space are considered attendees.
5.  Is alcohol involved?


Once the above information is provided we can proceed with drawing up the contract and the logistics of the building key.

The contracts are the old school 3-ply paper contracts. All spots marked with an "X" needs to be completed. The pink copy is for you to keep as reference. It is highly recommended you keep this with you during your event. The white and yellow copy of the contract needs to be returned with the payment. Full payment is required to secure the booking. Payment needs to be in the form of cheque made payable to Lynwood Village Community Association. We are exploring the idea of e-transfer, but unfortunately at this time e-transfers are not possible.

Building Key & Access

The building key is picked up on the day of event, 30mins before the rental time. The key is required to be returned within 30mins after the rental time. You may only enter the space during your rental time. All cleaning must be done and all participants must vacate the space by the end of your rental time.

Please note that the park and outdoor space is public grounds. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure who may enter the rented space.

Questions or Ready to Book?

Ask us a question or book via our via our contact form.
When you want to pay you can do so via our PayPal account.
We have pictures of the space below the Calendar.

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