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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Results from the 2014 AGM

Relevant Documents:

Actionable Items:
  • Improve communications with community
    • Communicate with other community groups
    • Post bills in the display case and indoor bulletin board
    • Reusable signs for street level signage
  • Send email to councillor requesting NCC to grooming schedule for cross country ski paths in greenbelt around Lynwood
  • Stand up sub-committee to come up with guidelines to guide LVCA board decisions on where to reinvest community money.

Election Results:
  • President: Jean-Luc Cooke, returning (acclaimed)
  • Treasurer: Jen Samuel, returning
  • Booking: Casey McGowan, was VP
  • Secretary/Communication: Tristan Maack, new
  • Vice President: Mike Spence, new (acclaimed)

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