Thursday, January 8, 2015

Your Community Needs YOU!

There's money in the LVCA bank and we want to spend it on programs that reflect our diversity and community priorities.  To ensure that we make good spending decisions, we need guidelines.  We're looking for volunteers to help establish these guidelines over the next few months.
A few example guidelines are:
1. Overall spending should benefit all demographics in our community through targeted programs
2. The community can submit spending Ideas via email, mail or phone.
We foresee 10 hours of effort for 2-4 people through January.  Tasks include drafting guidelines, setting up a free SurveyMonkey online survey, distributing the survey to community members via email & Facebook, collecting results and using them to refine the guidelines.  Your community needs you - If interested, please contact your LVCA...
- By mail at LVCA, 7 Sycamore, Ottawa, ON, K2H 6H9
- By phone at 613-712-8568