Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lynwood Community Funding Application

The Lynwood Village Community Association has extra funds and is looking for ways to help out the community.

To this end, the board struck up a sub-committee of members of the community to devise a process to select and approve projects for funding/support.

Here's how it works.

  1. An applicant completes a form describing their project and how much funding they're requesting for from the LVCA.
  2. Request is received by the LVCA at
  3. The request is posted on the LVCA’s web site, Facebook page, etc. along with the date when the Executive is going to consider the request.
  4. Each member of the Executive rates the request using the rating criteria.
  5. The Executive meets to discuss the request and makes a decision on the request. (If appropriate the Executive consults with the city.)
  6. The secretary summarizes the ratings of the request, the decision and the reason behind the decision.
  7. The Executive’s secretary informs the requestor of the decision.
  8. The summary is posted on the Executive’s communications vehicles (website, Facebook, etc.)
The goal is to invest the LVCA's extra funds back into the community in a transparent way and solicit ideas from the community itself.

So, get the funding request form here and send us your ideas!