Friday, February 12, 2016

Feb12 6-7pm: Free High Def TV Over-the-Air workshop

Free: Learn how to get free High Definition TV
Feb 12th 6pm-7pm

No, this is not a scam.  Many of the major networks broadcast high definition TV over-the-air here in Ottawa and nearly all TVs made in the past 8 years can get it if you have an antenna (CBC, CTV, TVO, Omni, as well as other English and French channels).  Also, some cable providers are now broadcasting similar signals over their cables.

This will be a quick workshop to

  • Show get these signals over-the-air and (cut the cord)
  • Demonstrate an inexpensive "converter" box with recording capabilities
  • Demonstrate a TV antenna
  • Take home will be a single page with references and resources for learning more about channels available and where to buy tuners (converters) and antennas (indoor/outdoor).