Saturday, October 30, 2021

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Ice Masters & Ice Attendants Wanted! (or there will be no rink)

We're expecting to get our grants from the City of Ottawa to create (about $2,500) and supervise (about $2,500) our main and kids rinks. In anticipation of that, here are the descriptions for Ice Master and Ice Attendent 

All the positions are honorarium positions and there is flexibility on how they can be "paid out". For example, a few people might want to team up to take on the main role of Ice Master or just one person could do it. And that goes the same with the supervisory role of Ice Attendant - in the past we've had several students share the duties etc... 

If you're interested please email and we'll get back with answers. Please share this with friends and neighbours to get the word out!

And if you're interested in heading a Street Team and commit to a specific week or two let us know and we`ll help and use your efforts to encourage others - a little friendly competition is always fun!