Friday, June 26, 2020

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LRT2 Connectivity Update and Public Consultation (Revised)

1. LRT2 is on the way (no sarcasm) and the City is looking for feedback "via email" on the plans - just to be clear, there is no formal survey involved.

2. To help you, we've put together a short summary (a Google Doc) of the confirmed and proposed infrastructure for Moodie and Bayshore stations (those closest to Bells Corners) as well as some key aspects for you to consider when providing feedback. 
Please review our entire Google Doc especially in regards to Bells Corners/Moodie Station connectivity before responding to the survey, there may be some ideas that you might want to consider before submitting your response.
3. Our Google Doc also has the email address the City of Ottawa is using to collect responses.

4. If you wish you can CC the LVCA ( with your response so we might get a feeling of how people are responding or if there are specific issues people are having. You can also contact us via our Facebook page or on our website in the comments section below.

5. Here's the link to our document - it will open in a new window, gmail account is not required, you can download it.

We've included this post at the bottom of the Google Doc in case you wish to refer to it.

(And special thanks to Board Member Brian Ethier for managing the meetings/info on behalf of the LVCA!).