Thursday, September 17, 2020

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Follow Up Re: LRT2 Multi-Use Pathway into Bells Corners

From LVCA Transportation Committee Chair, Brian Ethier... 

Quick follow up on the LRT2 Multi-Use Pathway into Bells Corners. First a big thanks to those who sent feedback as part of the last public consultation; we were able to change the City’s plan for a sidewalk into a MUP over the Moodie bridge (pending final approval of the changed design and MTO approval)! 

One next step to making this a reality is highlighting the missing cycling and pedestrian link along Moodie within the Transportation Master Plan that is currently being updated (last update was in 2013). 

 If you support a MUP along Moodie, please fill out the City's engagement questionnaire by October 23 and indicate that there is a missing link for active transportation along Moodie from the 417 into Bells Corners: (click on the online mapping activity). You can include up to five missing links if there are others you know of in the community as well. 

For additional background information on the previous public engagement for the MUP on Moodie see

Thanks again!